Solenium: get only the best from your summer

Beach, UVA rays, chlorine and saltiness.
It’s time to protect ourselves.

A correct exposition to the sun stimulates vitamin D production and brings important psycho-physical benefits related to a summery way of life: more exercise, outdoor life, relax and sharing.

The important thing is to follow few but fundamental rules that will protect yourself from serious risks related to the exposition to UVA and UVB rays.

The scalp condition reflects the beauty of your hair.

This is why it is fundamental to take care of it and protect it if you want to have beautiful and healthy hair. During summer, the attention should be doubled because the sun tends to dehydrate the skin and make hair fibre more dry and fragile.
Nubeà Solenium Cuoi Capelluto sano e protetto

All Essential Oils strength in a product for the summer

Which are their precious features?


They flow and penetrate easily in the body bringing their benefits deep in the organism.


They have lenitive, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antibacterial and healing properties.


They stimulate and promote the functional balance of the organism.


Equilibrano il sistema nervoso grazie alla loro azione stimolante o calmante.

Solenium contains:

Orange Essential Oil: blood circulation and oxygenation of hair bulbs stimulator Lemon Essential Oil: sblood circulation stimulator Bergamot Essential Oil: with tanning properties Mandarin Essential Oil: blood circulation stimulator Lavender Essential Oil: toning and anti-inflammatory properties Eucalyptus Essential Oil: anti-inflammatory properties It contains also trace elements that are micronutrients essential for the organism. They are precious minerals for the well-being of all organs, fundamental for the correct cellular functioning.
Nubeà solari con Oli Essenziali

Here some healthy habits to remember:

Wear a hat or a scarf

Especially when one walks or stands near the water, to avoid burnings due to an excessive exposition to the sun.

Follow a healthy diet

Choose food rich in vitamins and minerals, that will bring the right amount of nutrition and hydration to your body.

Drink frequently

Liquids are fundamental to avoid dehydration. Drink at least 2 lt. of water during the day.

Apply sun protective products

It is important to protect the hair and skin. Check sun protection factor according to your skin type.

Wash with delicate products

After sun exposition, or after a swim in the sea or in the pool, use delicate products, dermatologically tested that clean away salt and chlorine just like Solenium line by Nubeà does.

Beautiful and fit.

Every week we will unveil a little secret to help you live your summer in the sign of the sport. 
The inspiration? Our Tania Cagnotto, a Natural talent.

1° advice

Take advantage of the sun and warm weather to walk in the water, 30 minutes are enough. 
This will help you to reduce cellulite and to tone your legs and gluteus. 
Before starting your activity, do not forget to protect your hair with Solenium Oil or Solenium bi-fluid.
Nubeà Solari Consigli Estate

Solenium line

Shampoo nourishing after sun

Sun care treatment Nourishing shampoo with Orange and Lemon Essential Oils. Anti-salt and anti-chlorine action. DEA/PARABEN/SLES free.
Nubeà Solenium Shampoo Dopo Sole

Mask nourishing after sun

Sun care treatment Nourishing hair mask with Orange, Lemon Essential Oils and trace elements. Anti-salt, anti-chlorine action and UV filters.
Nubeà Solenium Maschera Dopo Sole

Fresh-gel revitalizing after sun hair/body

Sun care treatment Hair/body revitalizing shower gel with Lavender, Eucalyptus Essential Oils and trace elements. Anti-salt and anti-chlorine action. Refreshing effect. DEA/PARABEN/SLES free.
Nubeà Fresh Gel Dopo Sole

Bi-fluid protecting

Sun care treatment Extra-light bi-phase protective spray for hair, with Bergamot, Mandarin Essential Oils and UV filters. It softly disentangles, making it shiny and soft without weighing. Protects the hair from color fading.
Nubeà Spray Bifasico Protettivo Capelli

Oil protecting

Sun care treatment Extra-light protective oil for hair with Bergamot, Mandarin Essential Oils and UV filters. Nourishes the hair by donating softness and shine, without weighing. Protects the hair from color fading.
Nubeà Olio Protettivo Capelli