Bright colors, shining hair and healthy scalp!

13 September 2019

Do you love to be fashion, to have a trendy look but you don’t want to give up the results obtained with nubeà treatments?
No problem, Sustenia has a new product for you: Sustenia for colored and/or chemically treated hair. 

Let’s suppose you have made a Nubeà specific treatment to solve one of the hair and scalp most common problems: dandruff, hair loss, greasy skin.
Let’s suppose that after having resolved your problem you have decided to renovate your look with a new color. 
How can you preserve Nubea’s treatment results? And how can you maintain your new color brightness and vivacity at the same time?
Here is the answer: simply using Sustenia shampoo and mask for colored and/or chemically treated hair. 
Sustenia colored and/or chemically treated products’ formulas, contain Tilia Essential Oils and Argan Extracts. 
These two ingredients nourish, hydrate, regenerate and protect the hair from color fading on one side, and make colors more intense and long-lasting on the other. 
Moreover, it respects the natural balance of the scalp and donates elasticity, softness and combability. 
Sustenia, so, acts delicately respecting the results obtained with specific treatments, and allows you to be always trendy wearing stunning colors!

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